How Yabbin works

With Yabbin you can share your own personal contact information with other Yabbin users. All changes to your data are automatically synchronized and stored in Yabbin between users.

Here is a brief guide about Yabbin.

1. Installation

After you have downloaded Yabbin from the App Store, start Yabbin. You will be asked whether or not you are already registered. Click on “no” If you are a new user.

You are now at the beginning of a registration process. Registration only takes a few minutes. First, you enter your E-mail address and a password.

Next, you enter the international phone number of your mobile phone. The area code is usually preset to your country. Please remember that (for example in Germany) the 0 at the beginning is replaced by +49. A correct international phone number in Germany looks like this: +49171123456789.

In the third step, you will enter your personal data. Enter all detail of your contact data that you intend sharing with all or some of your contacts. The more data you enter, the more data you can potentially send to your contacts. You can edit your own data at a later stage in the App. You can enter several phone numbers, E-mail addresses, postal addresses, Skype name, Web pages, date of birth, Twitter name, Flickr name, etc. If you have any suggestions regarding additional information that could or should be included in the Yabbin App please feel free to send your suggestions to this website.

When you finish entering your data please complete the registration with the “OK” button in the top right hand corner. Then Yabbin will Import all of your existing contacts from your phone into the Yabbin App. This data will be transfered to our server in an encrypted state. All of this data except of the phone numbers is not readable by us. Our server must be able to read these numbers so that it can find matches between users to enable the synchronization of contact data.

After the data has been transferred, you can view the complete list of your contacts. The list is sorted alphabetically according to your contacts last name. If you wish to change this ordering principle to first names, you can do this by simply changing the settings. In addition to the settings you will find also the menu item “My data”. There, you can edit your own contact data at any time.

2. Exchange of data with Yabbin

To start a synchronization with a contact you need the phone number of this Yabbin user. A precondition for a successful synchronization of data is that you each have the international phone numbers of the other contact saved in your Yabbin App. Mail addresses, landline numbers or other data are not enough to allow synchronization. Usually, Yabbin automatically imports the phone numbers of contacts in the international version.

If one of your contacts already uses Yabbin you will receive a notification soon afterwards in your taskbar. When you click on that notification you will be asked if you whish to exchange data with this contact or not. You can either accept or decline this request for synchronization. If you accept it you will receive a screen which will enable you to select which details of your contact data you wish to share with this contact. Simply click on the respective data and confirmed this through the tick mark on the top right.

If your contact has already released data to you, you’ll find another message in the taskbar. Just click on this message and you can see the data which this contact has send to you.

3. Subsequent sharing of data

if you wish to share new data with any of your contacts you simply select the contact you wish to share new or more data with by clicking on his or her name in your list of contacts and then click on the padlock icon. There you can view the list of your data that you share with this contact. Then you select your new data or remove data by deleting the tick mark related to that data. You then confirm this changes by clicking on the button on the top right corner of the screen.

Always remember, that you can only share data that you have previously saved in “My data”.

4. Functions of Yabbin

You can use Yabbin like a normal contacts app. If you click on a phone number the call function of your mobile phone is activated. If you click on the SMS Symbol or an E-mail address your SMS App or mail App will be activated. It is also possible to click on Web pages. And if you click on postal addresses Google Maps will start up and shows you the location.

5. Add and edit contacts.

You can also edit the contact data of contacts who are not yet Yabbin users and so are not synchronized with you.

To add a contact, click the plus sign above the list.

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