Yabbin – your contact app

Yabbin is a modern and very efficient contact App. It allows smart phone users to exchange their own personal contact information with friends, family and colleagues if these individuals have also installed Yabbin.

If you have the mobile phone number of a Yabbin user, Yabbin allows you to connect with the other user and exchange and synchronise your contact information. Yabbin users decide which details of their contact data each contact should receive. I.e. friends and family receive private address - colleagues and business contacts receive business related contact data. You always have full control over who has what kind of data about you.

By using Yabbin, wrong and outdated entries are replaced with correct and current contact data. If a user has new personal contact data (e.g. after moving house) he only has to update this data in Yabbin and all his or her synchronized contacts receive a message about this update so that their data can be automatically updated.

This procedure prevents the typical mistakes that are made on conventional contact apps when people have to manually enter changed contact data into their conventional contact apps. There is never a wrong phone number or incomplete data. And you never again have to send a SMS to friends, acquaintances and colleagues with the request to change contact data.

Yabbin is also a normal contact app. With Yabbin, you have all functions and options of preinstalled contacts apps. Yabbin can start calls and send SMS and emails. Contact data can be edited and added.
All data is stored in an encrypted state on our servers. Your data is always stored on our server. If you purchase a new smart phone, simply download Yabbin again and log in. Your contact information will be reinstalled on your new smart phone. This applies even when you move from iPhone to Android or vice versa.

Yabbin is now available on Android and iPhone for free!